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"For everyone, there's a pair of clogs to suit!"

Sanita clogs are the Danish brand everyone knows.
Making clogs since 1907, Sanita make clogs on behalf
of some of the biggest brands in the world. Here, we
present some of the most popular styles in new colours
all proudly carrying the Sanita makers label.

Iko clogs are at the cutting edge of fashion ideas. Their
inventiveness with colour and style never fails to satisfy.
Iko clogs are fast becoming the quality brand to be seen
in. Go cause excitement with a pair of Ikos!

AM-Toffeln clogs really spell out what the traditional
wooden footbed is all about. Typically made in Sweden
with age-old manufacturing techniques. Look no further
for a traditional wooden footbed at a very low price.

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Toffeln Work Clogs

Toffeln Ultra Lite Clogs
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Toffeln Ezi-Klog
Toffeln Klima Flex
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Toffeln Comfy Lite
Toffeln Safety Lite

Sanita Wooden Clogs

Sanita Chrissy 1200009
Sanita Big Buckle 453062
Sanita Retro Patent 457012
Sanita Classic Closed Clogs
Sanita Rita Suede 1116191
Sanita Brown Cow 1706199
Sanita Leopard 1706199

Sanita Flexible Clogs

Sanita Sonja Clogs 1200047
Sanita Karl Clogs 1200050
Sanita Morse Oiled 1200038
Sanita Professional Smooth
Sanita Professional Oiled

Sanita Clog Boots

Sanita Mohawk Boots 452203
Sanita Alison Boots 454444
Sanita Lee-Ann 454223

Iko Clogs

Iko Klass
Iko Komfort
Iko Kontor
Iko Alska
Flexible Aktion
Flexible Aktiv

AM Toffeln Clogs

AM Toffeln 100
Black Beach Clogs
Fuchsia Pink Beach Clogs
Khaki Green Beach Clogs
Sea Blue Beach Clogs
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World of Clogs supplies toffeln clogs, sanita clogs, am-toffeln wooden footbeds and iko fashion clogs. More specifically our range includes toffeln shoes, toffeln boots, tofflen medical clogs, theatre clogs, hospital clogs, nurse clogs, nursing clogs, dutch clogs, comfy clogs, surgical clogs, nurse shoes, nursing shoes, nurse footwear, nursing footwear and traditional wooden footbed clogs. Please take a look at our new EVA beach crocs clogs and the new Toffeln Ezi-Klog lightweight theatre clogs.

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